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2A Park Rd, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
MONDAY 20rd MAY 2016

Rubina Bunjun

Hormonal contraception and HIV

Some types of hormonal contraception, like the injection, may be linked to an increased risk of HIV. However, results to date have been conflicting. The ECHO randomized control trial is about to be unblinded- this trial aims to definitely address the link between HIV and hormonal contraception.

Michelle Mukonyora


Hair: The Next Frontier in Diagnostics

Scalp hair is increasingly being used in diagnostics and forensics. However, hair has mostly been characterised using race, which is non-scientific. We are looking at objective ways of characterising scalp hair, and investigating the cause of variations in hair curliness.


Designer Babies

The talk will be a deep dive on the scientific and news coverage of the world's first edited babies designed by He Jiankui focussing on the social and ethical implications of this momentous scientific advancement.  


Loretta Magagula